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Mentor SACCO Chairman: Ace in classroom and
ace in heading one of Kenya’s best SACCOs

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If you are a member of Mentor SACCO, you know the chairman Mr. Anthony Kamau. And chances are, he knows you, too. For close to four decades, Mentor SACCO has engineered itself as a member-oriented entity and a market leader.
The SACCO puts members’ needs before everything to guide its focus on the solutions it offers. Here,
the opinion of members matters a lot. This has been made possible by a diverse team led by the
Chairman, Mr. Anthony Kamau I met Mr. Anthony on his professional turf at Mumbi grounds in Muranga.
Witnessing his easy interactions with those around him, you would be hard-pressed to imagine his position as the chairman. And he boldly proclaims his views:

Tell us about your journey at Mentor SACCO? I joined Mentor SACCO in 1997.
I am proud to say that I was barely 28 years old. It was then difficult to save during hard economic times.
I hated it. But I knew it was a skill I needed. So, I began early in my career, knowing it would force me to
become better. Indeed, I gradually became good at it. I have risen in the ranks. In 2013, I was elected to the board of management as a committee member. I have served in various capacities
including as chairman of education and credit committees. In 2018, I was elected chairman of the SACCO.
And more achievements have followed. possible through our strong team.
This robustness has granted us the opportunity to continue developing new products and services that
address the members’ dynamic needs.

Any side hustles?
have two key activities aside from being the chairman of Mentor. I am a professional teacher who
enjoys interacting with pupils in the classroom. Most of the senior members have
attested to the fact that your legacy is profound.

What are some of your key achievements at the SACCO?
Perhaps the best place to start is to note that leadership is inborn. The list of my achievements is quite
lengthy but one important trait can be isolated easily—leadership is God-given.
In line with the SACCO’s mission, I believe in members achieving financial independence and the prosperity which has been made


I served as an untrained teacher in some village primary schools for several years before joining a P1
teachers’ training college. I am the headteacher of a primary school in Kigumo Sub-county. But sometimes, the teaching I do outside the classroom walls is the most meaningful to me.
Whether I am teaching my children, students, friends, or strangers, I am always in my element. My life
the purpose is centered around leading.

Any chairmanship rewards or frustrations?

Saving that salary until you get a million shillings is not easy. It is like battling long odds.
Not many people can carefully balance repaying loans alongside personal budgets. This is only a
characteristic of the genius type whose personal budgets are not in shambles. I never forget to tie my
shoe laces. I know my outside office obligations and I commit to them.

How is it leading in the limelight while staying present and focused on your family as well?

One of the things I love so much about being a father is playing a huge part in the lives of my children from the day they are born. From my experience in the SACCO, I am adequately equipped to teach my
children and pupils about the world, how to discover themselves, and set up a life that they have authored. So, they can leave their individual unique impression on the world.

I have acquired 90 percent of my assets through the SACCO in form of loans. I can proudly say that the
the decent house I own and the plot on which it rests are courtesy of Mentor SACCO.

What advice do you have for the youth? How many young people are in the SACCO?

Not many. Most young people need aspirations in order to keep their financial dreams alive. This is unlike us, who are no longer young.

What are your hobbies?

Books have been my long-time interest since childhood. But I am also an animal keeper. However, I
am innocent of the allegations the animals level against me.